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Williams & Gosling

Stevedoring and Pilotage Services. What do they possibly have in common with records management? Both are in the business of organizing and navigating crowded and congested situations. And both have control over the speed, direction and movements of their items. Here’s a case study on a freight forwarding champion, who expanded into document storage/management. They’re using O’Neil software as a
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Every decision you make in life has consequences. It’s like a car with only two speeds: forward and reverse. It will either lead you to your goals, or away from them. So you need to make certain that every decision you make, is taking you in the direction you want to be headed. Here’s a Case Study on a company
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In any industry or business, getting people in the door is a key to success. Perhaps an even bigger challenge is keeping them coming back. Great service makes your customers feel that you care about developing a long-term relationship, more than just closing the deal. Here’s a case study on a company who understands how great customer service is essential
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Confidence is a characteristic that’s hard to describe, as it is an intangible thing. And yet in every human interaction, it quickly becomes apparent to an alert audience if a person or business is confident or not. Without confidence, leadership cannot exist. Here’s a case study on a company who lives and breathes confidence and leadership, in both their abilities
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Partnership…it’s another way to say commitment. Building relationships, reinforcing trust and utilizing cutting-edge technology. NEdocs understands how important a good partnership is. That’s why their clients stay with them for the long haul. Here’s a Case Study on a company that chose O’Neil over the competition not only because of their technological expertise, but for forging long-lasting relationships with their
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Serving in the military is one of the best places to cultivate the mindset of success. From day one, you train to go above and beyond, so that you’re the best you can be. Here’s a Case Study on a company whose leader, after his military retirement, brought this winning mentality to his document storage and destruction business and has
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A software conversion can be a challenging undertaking; time-consuming, disruptive, and risky to the business if not done properly. Staff productivity, potential data inaccuracies, and most importantly, the impact on customers must be considered. Choosing the right software partner who has an exceptional feature set, support structure and technology strategy is paramount. The opportunity however to invest in a business
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From Fire Hoses to the Cloud, It Has Been a 5 Alarm Ride for Reed Records Management. Rawhide Fire Hose, located in Wooster, Ohio has been offering quality fire hose supplies since 1976 and takes pride in providing customers with quick turnaround times and same-day shipping on most fire hoses. While most companies stick with their original product and/or service
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Make no mistake about it…insightful and visionary records management business leaders, like James Hill, Managing Director of The Hill Company, based out of the UK, have disruption on their minds. Every day he asks: “How can our company continue to remain successful and achieve even greater levels of revenue and profitability in a very competitive environment? How do we keep

Leaks Are Never Good

In the complex landscape of modern business operations, revenue leakage remains a pervasive and challenging issue. It refers to the loss of potential or actual revenue due to inefficiencies.