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showcase newdocs 14's another way to say commitment. Building relationships, reinforcing trust and utilizing cutting-edge technology. NEdocs understands how important a good partnership is. That's why their clients stay with them for the long haul.

Here's a Case Study on a company that chose O'Neil over the competition not only because of their technological expertise, but for forging long-lasting relationships with their customers and sharing similar business beliefs.

The paperless society seems like a distant fantasy, when you consider the number of boxes NEdocs has in their possession. Located in Manchester, New Hampshire, this record center offers document scanning and management, records storage and workflow automation solutions for clients across New England. The company was established in 1983 and since then has grown to store over 100,000 boxes for over 100 customers.

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There were several factors which drove NEdocs to choose O'Neil Software over the competition.

Nick Brattan/CEO at NEdocs, notes: "O'Neil was the only robust program available for Windows, while their competitors remained on DOS-based operating systems. It would seem that O'Neil was not only the ideal solution for us, it was also a more advanced and user-friendly system. Another important could be implemented on the operating system we wanted to use."

Nick continues: "Our company was also seeking a solution that would assist in the automation of many of our processes and provide us with 100% accuracy, when it came to invoicing and reporting. NEdocs was able to accomplish that goal, using O'Neil Software's RS-SQL®product."

RS-SQL is a flexible, feature-rich information management and record tracking software that allows users to easily and accurately manage and monitor the activity of any storable item (boxes, file folders, documents, tapes) throughout a record center, from deposit to destruction, work order to invoice. Using RS-SQL lightens the load on internal staff , as well as reduces the time and effort it takes to access information. Today, RS-SQL continues to set the industry standard in records storage and management.

Designed to handle the needs of everyone, from start-ups to multi-facility record centers and built around Microsoft®'s SQL Server database engine, RS-SQL is both scalable and robust. As the number of users increase, the product automatically scales to meet your needs. The system can accommodate any size business.

Through partnering with O'Neil, we were able to eliminate many human steps that open up potential room for error. Additionally, we were able to significantly reduce our labor costs," Nick comments. "Before utilizing O'Neil's RS-SQL, invoicing could take one staff member almost two days to process. Now this process takes less than an hour to complete and remains consistently accurate."

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Part of what makes NEdocs different from the competition is their devotion to customer service and security - both of which were enhanced using O'Neil's technology.

"Being able to provide detailed reports, at a moment's notice, is a value-added customer service, while making it easier for auditors and other professionals to manage their stored files," mentions Nick.

He adds: "Our entire inventory is managed in an SQL database. Every movement is logged, which helps us to function better as a company.

Having security, accountability and enhanced control makes us better at managing and protecting our clients' data, which is extremely important to us. Additionally, our warehouse staff is able to scan barcode labels and track the movement of the boxes with the use of a handheld scanner. This allows us to capture the most pertinent data, as fast and as accurately as possible. Our drivers, equipped with the same handheld scanners, can also log files and boxes from pickup right to the entrance of our secure records center."

NEdocs was also excited to utilize O'Neil Software's audit trail functionality - tracking the entire life cycle of any file/box.

Nick points out: "From initial pickup and requests to the eventual destruction, O'Neil's customer web portal (RSWeb®.NET) provides secure access to review our inventory, request services and check on the status of a document. Any software that helps facilitate better services (both records storage and management, as well as customer service) is important to us. Our ability to provide the best possible solutions with the best possible customer service is essential to our own success."


Beyond technical capability and functionality, strong relationships are paramount at NEdocs.

"As a company whose employees realize exceptional workplace longevity (over 30% of our employees have been here for 10+ years), we have committed ourselves to doing business with companies who share similar business beliefs in the treatment and respect of their staff and who value their client relationships above all else," Nick shares. "It is this commitment that ensures us the best possible solutions and services, while forging long-lasting relationships to build our company and the companies of those we choose to partner with."

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From software installation, implementation and through customer and technical support, O'Neil Software has always been there, a simple phone call away.

"Besides having a superior product (it only takes one glance at O'Neil's Partner List, to determine their success. Partners include Microsoft and Zebra®.), their customer service also helped to set them apart from the competition. The support they provided, throughout our relationship, has exceeded our expectations," Nick notes.

He adds: "Their staff has remained as knowledgeable and professional as they were from day one. Additionally, their focused approach as well as tailored solutions, are a true fit for any records storage and management need. Implementing their software has allowed us to do more, with less. We see O'Neil continuing to help our company in the future, just as it has done in the past. Their technology has greatly improved our internal processes. It's easy to see the Return On Investment (ROI), when the benefits are clearly presented. But once you have experienced the benefits first-hand, there is nothing quite like it."

Nick concludes: "After the installation of their software, we were transformed from customers to advocates. O'Neil's records storage and management solutions have provided us with the results and efficiency NEdocs requires."


For over 30 years, New England Document Systems (NEdocs) has been a leader in document scanning, offsite records storage and workflow automation services for companies across New England. From Human Resource files to AP invoices, the NEdocs team is able to reduce costs, improve efficiency and enhance security by providing our customers a variety of document management solutions and services.

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