O’Neil Smart Lock

Unlock Tech Savvy Secure Destruction for Your Executive Consoles and Bins

The O'Neil Smart Lock operates with O'Neil hosted Stratus licensed for O'Neil Shred.

It’s as Easy As Tap and Go.

O’Neil Smart Locks deliver next-gen security, simplicity and speed to your shred operation.


Tap and Go

Eliminate the hassle and expense of keys or codes. Wireless operation from any mobile device
makes servicing and managing secure destruction as easy as tap and go.


Control and Security

You control the digital key that grants access to your staff or customers. And the rugged design, from the sensors to the power source, is built for years of reliable service.

Digital Transparency

The Bintip lock connects seamlessly with any handheld device through O’Neil Mobile. Clean chain-of-custody information is captured at every touchpoint and synchronized within O’Neil StratusTM.


lightning Fast

Lightning-fast, reliable 
operation is enabled through precision sensors, NFC and Bluetooth® technologies.

We scale as you grow

O'Neil Shred is built to enable you to quickly and efficiently manage your records information scaling from 1,000 to more than 100 million boxes.

Trusted by over 1,000 record centers worldwide
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