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Barcode Labels That Stand the Test of Time

Standards That Meet the O’Neil Commitment To Quality


Unmatched Durability

Produced with premium quality adhesive and paper, O'Neil Barcodes have been independently tested to endure 20 years without damage, our labels guarantee longevity and reliability, reducing the need for frequent replacements.


Revolutionary Longevity

O’Neil's labels use acid-free synthetic stock, preventing color change with light exposure. This innovation keeps labels legible longer, reducing replacement costs and record mishandling.


‘A’ Grade Scan Rates

O’Neil exceeds ANSI standards, requiring every barcode label to achieve an ‘A’ scan rate. Our rigorous quality control ensures unparalleled scan reliability, enhancing your operational efficiency.


The O’Neil Advantage

O’Neil barcode labels offer superior durability, reliability, and readability. Our dedication to high-quality materials and standards ensures cost-effective, efficient operations with fewer replacements.

We scale as you grow

O'Neil Shred is built to enable you to quickly and efficiently manage your records information scaling from 1,000 to more than 100 million boxes.