Corporate Record Storage

It used to be that corporate records storage & information management was considered nothing more than housing ancient history, a back-office business expense, adding little or no value to a company.

Not so today. Investigative reporting and media attention, publicizing the mishaps of well-known organizations, have thrust records management and corporate accountability into the spotlight. And non-compliance to industry and government regulations have resulted in huge financial penalties or even worse - jail sentences.

So the challenges facing corporate record storage managers today are quite clear. Aside from the obvious (reducing operating costs while boosting staff productivity), you need to be able to offer quick, easy, and accurate access to important company information, speeding reaction time to critical events and complying with a growing number of regulations; ensure the integrity and continuity of recordkeeping, despite changes in personnel; provide standardized procedures for control and uniform business practices; and have an automated system in place that is expandable and flexible enough to meet everyone’s business needs within their organization.

More than just a piece of software, your organization needs a powerful workflow tool that:

Speeds the pace of your operations

Speeds the pace of your operations by replacing old, inefficient systems with automated business processes, boosting the productivity of existing staff.

Tracks, point-to-point, quickly, easily and accurately

Tracks, point-to-point, quickly, easily and accurately company records regardless of their format, from the moment of deposit to the time of destruction.


Streamlines how content is shared and accessed throughout your organization.

systematic control, consistency and standardization

Brings systematic control, consistency and standardization to your business processes.

Minimizes the likelihood of litigation losses

Minimizes the likelihood of litigation losses resulting from lost documents, leading to unfavorable audit findings and penalties.

With O’Neil Software, you’ll be able to precisely manage/track the who, what, when, where and how of your records activities; ensure information security and authorization; and provide services such as proper retention scheduling for retaining and disposing of your records, reducing real estate and storage costs while still keeping your organization compliant with all laws and regulations.

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