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Your customers need their information and they need it now. That’s what imaging is to paper what email is to letters – a faster, more efficient way of delivering and storing documents.

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Improve Your Level of Service

Streamline your operational processes, and positively impact your bottom line. Imaging allows you to eliminate time delays and the added cost involved with handling paper documents. With the ability to locate and retrieve documents instantly, you can immediately respond to your customer’s questions and inquiries, in turn enhancing your customer service.

With O’Neil Imaging, you have a solution that gives your customers the ability to share information across large distances or multiple locations, faster than ever before. 

Storage Options

Seamless Delivery of Imaging Services

When storing your images in O’Neil Stratus, your imaging services are backed by O’Neil Cloud Services technology. Delivery of customer-requested images via our centralized web portal, O’Neil Order, will allow you to meet customer demand with ease, while maintaining data security and business continuity, as well as the highest level of system availability and reliability.

O’Neil frees you to focus on what you do best – innovation, invention, and growing your business.

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Automate Your Billing. Free Up Your Time.

O’Neil allows authorized users to access their images through O’Neil Order, a centralized web portal for all your customer’s record management needs. Imaging requests and views are all tracked directly in our database, providing a simple, easy-to-understand history of each image.

With O’Neil’s Imaging Solution, your user’s activities are tracked and documented automatically for billing, leaving you free to focus your time and money on other strategic opportunities and core business activities.

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