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Amplify Your Financial and Operational Performance With Stratus

A screen displaying the dashboard of O'Neil Stratus software for managing physical records.

A Purpose-Built, All-In-One Software Platform To Run Your Records Center Operation


Web-Based App Interface

Eliminate software installed on workstations.

lightning-Fast Querying

Eliminates lengthy load times.


Web Browser Agnostic

Chrome, Edge, Safari - It's your choice.


Instant Alerts

Alert bar functionality so you you'll never miss a beat.


Anytime, Anywhere

Stratus is wherever you are - 24/7


Shred Ready

Seamlessly integrated secure destruction management.

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Streamline Your Workflow - Boost Staff Efficiency

Discover next-level Records and Information Management software with O’Neil Stratus and O’Neil Cloud Services. Our solution, tailored for record centers like yours, streamlines your operations and gives your business a competitive edge.

With O’Neil Stratus, your team gains real-time visibility through a fully configurable dashboard to instantly see open work orders, available warehouse space, and key trends and insights into your operations.

Learn How to Reduce Costs

Tap Into the Financial Upside of Hosted O'Neil Stratus

Stratus, hosted by O'Neil, can reduce or eliminate operating costs such as IT infrastructure and management, database servers, server and third-party licensing, certificates, and electrical charges.

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- Tishna, Pro-File Business Records Management

The functionality of Stratus software has been instrumental in our operations. It's not only user-friendly but also robust, allowing us to streamline our processes effectively.

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NEW: Multi-Site Records Management With Annex.com


Present a Unified View of Records Information

Empower customers with an integrated view of their stored inventory across record center locations. With Annex, centralized information management can become a reality for your end users, delivering a new level of productivity for their operation.


Enable Real-Time Decision Making

24/7 access to real-time cross-records center information means your end-users can request, review and act on internal and external stakeholder requests faster and more accurately. Annex helps you win by equipping them to deliver more value to their business.

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We scale as you grow

O'Neil Stratus is built to enable you to quickly and efficiently manage your records information scaling from 1,000 to more than 100 million boxes.
Trusted by over 1,000 record centers worldwide
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