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A Bridge From Your Customers' ECM Software Directly to Your Record Center

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Provide your Customers With Streamlined File Management Experience


Single View

Enable customers to view, order, and manage all their records stored with you, reducing the time and effort required to handle document management tasks.


Seamless Experience

Streamline your customer interactions through their file room software for simplified document search and record orders.


end-to-end Secure

Our comprehensive security framework ensures end-to-end data protection and upholds customer trust in data integrity and availability.

O’Neil Bridge integrators

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New: Multi-Site Records Management With Annex.com


Present a Unified View of Records Information

Empower customers with an integrated view of their stored inventory across record center locations. With Annex, centralized information management can become a reality for your end users, delivering a new level of productivity for their operation.


Enable Real-Time Decision Making

24/7 access to real-time cross-records center information means your end-users can request, review and act on internal and external stakeholder requests faster and more accurately. Annex helps you win by equipping them to deliver more value to their business.

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A computer screen displaying data from the Annex platform for cross-database records management.

We scale as you grow

O'Neil Shred is built to enable your customers to quickly and efficiently manage their records information scaling from 1,000 to more than 100 million boxes.