Mobile App Available For Android And IOS Mobile Devices

Mobile app available for androidTM and iosTM devices

Designed to ensure operational excellence inside and outside of your record center, O’Neil Mobile offers the freedom and choice of many commonly available mobile devices – from smartphones to tablets to the traditional rugged Zebra® devices. Combined with O’Neil’s proven track record of advanced mobile intelligence, running a record center with O’Neil Mobile has never been better!

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End-to-End Chain of Custody

Chain of custody is important for every record center and O’Neil Mobile has the tools to ensure that this is maintained from the warehouse to the delivery truck and eventually to your customers. Utilize Truck, Delivery, and Pickup Validations to confirm that your items are picked up, handled, and delivered to your customers properly.

O’Neil Mobile gives you the ability to validate items at every step, allowing you to maintain a record of every movement within your record center.

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Empower Your Customers

The intuitive user interface allows your customers the ability to place requests directly with your record center from their smartphone. End users can accomplish pickup requests, delivery requests, and extensive searches for items, order statuses, tracking and batch numbers, and service priorities all from the comfort of their phone.

By providing this innovative capability, O’Neil Mobile adds significant value to the relationship with your end users, one of many factors essential for facilitating customer satisfaction and retention. 

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Connect from Anywhere

With wireless connectivity, you have instant access to the vast information provided by the O’Neil records management database. This allows for immediate updates of critical information such as locations, picklist revisions, customer notifications, and invoice generation.

O’Neil Mobile was designed to work on the most popular mobile operating systems in the world, Android and iOS. Familiarity with these operating systems makes the transition to O’Neil Mobile seamless for your staff and customers.

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Maximum Security

From your record center to the cloud, your business information remains protected, compliant, and under control, no matter where you are. All communications between the O’Neil Mobile app and the server are encrypted and all data stored on the device is encrypted while at rest.

O’Neil Mobile was developed with the highest levels of wireless security to ensure your data remains safe and secure at all times. Protecting your data is at the core of O’Neil’s design philosophy.

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