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The select group of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Developers noted below have worked closely with O'Neil to develop an integrated solution with oneilBridge.

To achieve the designation of 'Certified' requires the ECM Developer to successfully utilize the oneilBridge Web Services in accordance with the product specifications and have demonstrated transactional competence. This commitment indicates a strong dedication for customer satisfaction and productivity - key attributes for the O'Neil 'Certified' partner program. End User's who utilize one of the software solutions noted will have the confidence of an integrated product.


iManage is the leading provider of Work Product Management (WPM) solutions for legal, accounting and financial services firms and the corporate departments they serve worldwide. Every day iManage helps professionals streamline the creation, sharing, governance and security of their work product. Over 3,000 organizations around the world—including more than 1,800 law firms—rely on iManage to help them deliver great client work. Headquartered in Chicago, iManage is a management-owned company.

For more information, visit iManage's website at

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Knowledgeone Corp is a software development company, established in 1984. We focus on providing scalable, robust information management solutions for applications such as Records Management, Electronic Document Management, Imaging and Workflow.

With the RecFind 6 Suite we have created a new genre of product, a generic, multi-lingual application system able to run multiple applications simultaneously. A single software solution that can easily handle multiple application requirements. RecFind 6 also makes it easy for the customer to change the Data Model or Business Processes and modify existing RecFind 6 applications or create new RecFind 6 applications, e.g., Mortgage Application Processing, Securities Management, etc. Every copy of RecFind 6 includes the high level tools needed to modify and create application solutions.

In summary, our software and services have been designed to satisfy the needs of the following application areas: Knowledge Management (KMS), Records Management (RMS), Document Management (DMS), Electronic Records and Document Management (EDRMS), Content Management (CMS), Email Management, Email Archiving, Business Process Management (BPM), Document Imaging, Asset Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Contract Management, Medical Records Management, Digital Asset Management (DAM) and almost any information management application.

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Gimmal Physical provides DOD 5015.2-certified, enterprise solutions for managing the entire life cycle of physical records from creation to disposition. Full life cycle management for records centers and file rooms includes integrated ECM, offsite warehouse provider integration, robust searching, online requesting, complete audit history, location reconciliation, supply item ordering, retention schedule and legal holds management, portable scanner support, space management with charge-back functionality, extensive reporting capability, advanced security configuration, workflow email notifications, and legacy data sharing.

As a leading provider of enterprise physical records management solutions, Gimmal Physical implementations include a true thin-client, application supporting server virtualization and multiple browsers, integrations with enterprise content management, offsite warehouse, color- coded label providers and barcode identification devices, single sign-on authentication, and contemporary relational database compatibility.

For more information, visit Gimmal at


Metafour design, develop and deploy system applications for operators in Travel (Agents, Tours, Excursions) and Logistics (Courier, Distribution, Shipments). Our solutions are the result of over 30 years of methodical re-investment. Metafour is a director owned, financially robust organisation with a presence in both the UK and Asia. Metafour provide software, hosting, support, development, and systematic upgrades.

We understand our clients' businesses and markets. We understand technology. We understand Software as a Service. We know how to apply technology to our clients' businesses. We understand our own business.

Our expertise is in applying this hard-earned knowledge to your business. Our business is to make sure that you will have the advantage over your competitors. With our systems and help, you can adapt to your market more quickly and less expensively than your competitors, and you can focus on your business rather than technology.

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Intandem Solutions is a provider of business applications that provide, facilitate and support organizations delivering efficiencies, practical solutions and cost savings whilst adhering to corporative SLA's and work practices.

Established in 2003, they have successfully built and maintained relationships with large and SME companies within various industry sectors across the UK and Europe. This has helped define the product suite which means the products deliver real world solutions to real world business issues. Established working partnerships and alliances with major logistic and facilities management companies mean they are better placed to offer full working solutions quickly and efficiently.

Long term experience in a vast variety of projects enables Intandem Solutions to offer advice and guidance throughout the project lifecycle and beyond, and pride themselves on the ability to advise and react when needed.

Intandem Solutions is dedicated to providing the best solutions and is constantly incorporating new technology within the product suite, like the use of the Android platform and RFID technology to name a few.

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Micro Focus has become one of the largest pure-play software companies in the world with the recent merger with HPE Software in Sept 2017. Bringing together two leaders in the software industry, Micro Focus is uniquely positioned to help customers maximize existing software investments and embrace innovation in a world of hybrid IT—from mainframe to mobile to cloud.

Micro Focus is a pure-play software company focused from the ground up on building, selling, and supporting software. This focus allows us to deliver on our mission to put customers at the center of innovation and deliver high-quality, enterprise-grade scalable software that our teams can be proud of. We help customers bridge the old and the new by maximizing the ROI on existing software investments and enabling innovation in the new hybrid model for enterprise IT.

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As a part of a Unified Information Management framework, Accutrac helps to bridge the gap between managing both physical and electronic records.

It also provides a system of record that has a single view to all of your inventory, enables you to apply policies to that inventory, and then manage the business processes across the lifecycle of the records, from creation, through their active life and then to their dispositon.

Tracking, accessing and applying policies to your active or inactive records—wherever they reside—can seem daunting. With Accutrac® Software, you can bring consistency to your records classification, indexing, retention and hold management—while reducing associated risk.

UK software

Since 1993 UK Software has been providing solutions for live and archive file management of paper files, boxes, magnetic media etc., from creation to final archive storage and destruction. UK Software's flagship product, TranSearch incorporates easy to use Windows and/or web-based user interfaces, plus is extremely flexible and designed for the high volume demands of the enterprise user.

For more information, visit UK Software's website at

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