World Class Technical Support and Service

One of the most frustrating and stressful concerns for all of us, when using complex software products, is not getting technical support and service when needed. Little wonder, since very few software vendors provide their customers with this high-quality, effective caliber of service.  Many will boast about it before the sale, but good luck when it comes to their “having your back” after the purchase. And let’s face it:  technology that isn’t working or working effectively results in high overhead costs; loss of productivity and revenue; and ultimately could result in loss of customers.

The most professional and successful vendors, who’ve been around a long time, take this responsibility very seriously.  They realize that without immediate and expert technical support and service, a customer will struggle.

So in the event that you or any of your record center staff are experiencing technical difficulties, or simply want to further capitalize on the efficient performance of O’Neil’s technology, be sure to contact our technical support and service experts at our Help Desk.

Expert Staff

O’Neil’s products are backed by a technical support and service structure that consists of expert staff, who have decades of record center experience.  Our in-house developers focus on programming new features, while our Support Teams are dedicated to supporting our customers.

3 “Around The World” Office Locations

O'Neil support is readily within reach, with three “around the world” office locations (USA, UK and Australia) and cover ALL time zones. At O’Neil, we ensure that our customers have access to our knowledgeable people and additional resources, to address your concerns right away.  And we’re able to troubleshoot issues that you and your staff may be experiencing.

No Waiting

 98% of all our service and support calls are answered by a real “live” O’Neil Support staff member, with no waiting.  We never leave our customers to fend for themselves.  That’s what builds customer loyalty.

Contact Support

Our Technical Support Team is ready to assist you.  All they require is some basic information so they can record and troubleshoot your issue for you.