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O’Neil Cloud Services lowers your large capital expenditures, relieves the IT burdens while increasing system availability, reliability, security and business continuity.  O’Neil frees you to focus on what you do best…innovation, invention and growing your business.

O’Neil Cloud Services provides the on-demand delivery of the Best-of-Breed Records Storage and Management software through the convenience of the internet. Our Software-as-a-Service solution (SaaS) allows you to unleash the full potential of all of our suite of applications without the worries of maintenance and administration. No more Systems, Applications, Database, Network, Storage or Security management. O’Neil Cloud Services frees you from the inflexibility and constraints of procuring and maintaining an IT infrastructure so you can focus on your customers and growing your business.

Operational Excellence

Who could better manage your Record Storage solution than the company that designed it? Stop racking, stacking and powering servers. O’Neil Cloud Services relieves you of the burdens of managing operating systems, database servers, web servers, data storage, network infrastructure and security. Our dedicated staff supports your Record storage solution 24/7/365.

Have Confidence Your Data is Secure

Security and Compliance is a shared responsibility for our cloud solution between the cloud platform vendor, O’Neil Cloud Services and our customer. The cloud platform vendor is responsible for the security of the cloud, O’Neil Cloud Services is responsible for security in the cloud and you are responsible for security in the applications. O’Neil Cloud Services provides end-to-end data protection by encrypting your data both in transit and at rest. Through managed permissions, permission boundaries and least privilege principles O’Neil Cloud Services keeps your Record Storage ecosystem secure. O’Neil Cloud Services takes additional precautions through the deployment of preventative and detective controls and mechanisms to mitigate the potential impact of security incidents.

Reliability at its Best

When was the last time you lost sleep thinking about your Record Storage disaster recovery and business continuity plans? Let it be your last. O’Neil Cloud Services is architected to meet all your resiliency needs. From Recovery Objectives to Recovery Strategies…From Availability to Reliability…O’Neil Cloud Services has architected a distributed, decoupled environment that is able to scale horizontally and heal automatically. 24/7/365 workload monitoring, alerting and alarming allows you to get a good night's rest knowing that your Record Storage solution will be there when you need it.

Cut Costs and Save Big

What does your IT infrastructure cost you? O’Neil Cloud Services eliminates the large capital expenditures and operational burdens of your constrained IT Infrastructure in exchange for a low monthly fee. Never experience the hassle of procuring an IT asset again. We do the heavy lifting for you and take on the responsibilities of managing operating systems, database servers, web servers, data storage, network infrastructure and security allowing you to focus on what you do best.
Equipment Licensing Security Backups Upgrades IT Burden
On-Premises Software Capacity Planning, Procurement, Rack, Stack and Power In-house Servers Tens of thousands annually: Server Operating Systems SQL Server Physical, network, domain, server, and business application security fall squarely on the business owner.  Requires constant monitoring and maintenance by subject matter experts using costly security tools and mechanisms. Wild, Wild, West Network, Server Hardware, Operating Systems, and Business Applications upgrades/patching are the Clients responsibility Undifferentiated heavy lifting of the IT infrastructure
O’Neil Cloud Services On-demand consumption based compute resources Low monthly fee Shared Responsibility Model: IaaS/PaaS Cloud Vendor - Security of the Cloud O'Neil Cloud Services - Security in the Cloud Client - Security in the Application Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity, Recovery Strategies, Recovery Time Objectives, Recovery Point Objectives, Service Level Agreements are the vendor responsibility Vendor responsibility Vendor responsibility

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